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Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013


Economic Essay
Created By Briyan Efflin Syahputra

            The increasing the total of  import in Indonesia make everybody to be worried. Based on the data from BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik) the total value of import in Indonesia in 2012 achieved US$ 141.966.082.733, that so high. That condition can make us think that, Indonesia people more like to use import product than Indonesia product. Why?  The main factor to make Indonesia people more like to use import product than Indonesia product such as, majority of Indonesia people in Indonesia always think the quality of Indonesia product lower than import product. They will be proud if they use import product than Indonesia product, they will be embarrassed if use Indonesia product, but it appears the quality of Indonesia product is good than import product. In fact, many Indonesia product are used by other countries in the world. Because of that, I will explain about why we must proud to use Indonesia product than import product.
            In fact, Indonesia people more like to use import products than Indonesia product because they think about the quality of Indonesia product is bad. The kind of that think is wrong, because in fact the quality of Indonesia product is great. We must proud to use Indonesia product. We can found many the product from Indonesia are using by other country and many famous product in international where is that product were produce from Indonesia, such as, first clothing product. Asosiasi Pertekstilan Indonesia (API) admitted there are dozens of world class clothing brand produced in Bandung, West Java. The Chairman of API, Ade Sudrajat said that many clothing factories in Bandung produces famous brands, such as Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Guess and much more. In fact, he said, there have been many the product from Bandung penetrated into Hollywood market, United State Of America (USA), and other developed countries. Second, sports shoes products. The Chairman of Asosiasi Persepatuan Indonesia (Apersindo), Eddy Widjanarko, said since 1992 the athletes of the world especially in Europe wearing shoes made in Tangerang. Eddy said, the famous sports shoes products are using in other countries in Europe are Adidas and Nike. That products are produced in Tangerang, Banten. Shoes are made in Tanggerang have great quality than shoes manufactures in the world. In this year the total of shoes exports from Indonesia to Europe is reached a value of US $ 3.3 billion. Third, leather products. Based on data from the Ministry of Trade in Indonesia, the total export of leather product of Indonesia in United States of America (USA) reach 46,16% or US $ 134,8 million (up 11,83%). Then there's also to Japan, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, Hong Kong, Belgium, Singapore, Spain, and Australia. Overall, the total value of exports of leather products in Indonesia reached US $ 169,3 million. The leather product are export from Indonesia such as :
  1.      Footgear, exported in Barcelona, Dubai, Johannesberg, and Vancousver.
  2.     Leather shoes, exported in Chennai, Santiago, Milan, Osaka, Jeddah, and Santiago.
  3.         Gloves, exported in Chicago.

Next product is NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization Uniform. NATO is the international organization of security in the world. You know, the uniform of this uniform are produced in Solo, Central Java. Other famous brand from Indonesia is Barbie dolls. Everyone knew Barbie dolls. Barbie dolls are the famous dolls in the world and the best selling in the world. This doll was first introduced at the American International Toy Fair in 1959. The factory is produce Barbie dolls from China and Jabadeka, Cikarang, West java, Indonesia. And still many famous brands from Indonesia are using in other countries in the world. It’s prove that, Indonesia product have great quality than developed countries product in the world.
            Based on that fact, we know that Indonesia products have great quality. Many famous brands in the world are produces from Indonesia, even Indonesia products have been used by other developed countries in the world for many years, because our quality product is good. We must proud with it. So, we haven’t any reason again not to use Indonesia product. Indonesia products are good, famous, and have great quality than other developed countries in the world. I believe, it is impossible for us to not use again Indonesia products. In fact, other developed countries in the world, like United States of America (USA), Japan, Singapore, Europe Countries, and many more really like and always to use Indonesia products. So, we must proud to use Indonesia product.

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