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Selasa, 18 Februari 2014

Soft Skills Yang Harus Dimiliki Akuntan Publik

By Briyan Efflin Syahputra

Soft-Skills Yang Harus Dimiliki Akuntan Publik

Berikut ini ada 24 jenis soft-skills yang paling tidak harus dimiliki oleh seorang akuntan publik :
1.      Oral/spoken communication skills: Both one-on-one and in groups (e.g., presentations)
2.      Written communication skills: Both printed and online written work, including reports, letters and email.
3.      Teamwork/collaboration skills: Working with others to accomplish tasks
4.      Self-motivation/initiative: Doing things without needing to be told or persuaded
5.      Work ethic/dependability: dependability: Being thorough and accurate so olleagues can count on you.
6.      Critical thinking: Challenging things when appropriate and proposing alternatives to consider.
7.      Risk-taking skil: Taking a considered chance on something new, different or unknown
8.      Flexibility/adaptability: Going with the flow and adjusting with unforeseen circumstances.
9.      Leadership skills: Guiding and supporting others in order to accomplish something.
10.  Interpersonal skills: Relating with other people and communicating with them in everyday interactions.
11.  Working under pressure: Handling the stress that accompanies deadlines and other limitations or constraints.
12.  Questioning skills: Asking questions in order to learn or clarify something.
13.  Creativity: Having the imagination to come up with new or off-the-beaten-path ideas.
14.  Influencing skills: Persuading others to think about or adopt a different point of view.
15.  Research skills: Gathering information in order to study or answer questions.
16.  Organization skills: Being organized and methodical, especially in work-related situations.
17.  Problem-solving skills: Analyzing the potential causes of a problem and coming up with a solution.
18.  Multicultural skills: Understanding and relating to people who are different from you, perhaps by using a second language.
19.  Computer skills: Using basic word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation software as well as the Internet.
20.  Academic/learning skills: Learning new things quickly and thoroughly, and being willing to learn continuously.
21.  Detail orientation: Making sure that even the little things are done and done correctly.
22.  Quantitative skills: Compiling and using numbers to study an issue or answer a question.
23.  Teaching/training skills: Showing other people how to do something in a way that allows them to learn quickly and thoroughly.
24.  Time management skills: Using your time wisely and consistently staying on schedule and meeting deadlines.

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